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LED Under Cabinet Ligting - Direct Wire Solution

Led Under Cabinet Lighting Direct Wire

Even though LED bulbs have extremely low energy consumption and high electric energy to light conversion efficiency, and battery powered LED under cabinet lighting is available and uses no wires at all, it is important for you to consider wired solutions.

What is direct wire LED under cabinet lighting?

Direct wire LED under cabinet lighting is simply a wiring that does not hang freely from the outlet, but instead, is tightly wired onto the cabinet walls or on the wall. There is no lose, hanging wire connecting the socket, the transformer, or the splitter anywhere. This type of wiring is also termed hardwired LED under cabinet ligths or hardwire LED under cabinet lighting.

Why are wired solutions important?

Assuming your energy source is stable, with hardwire solutions, either low voltage under cabinet lighting or regular voltage, your lights will be brighter and you won't ever have to wonder why the LED lights aren't coming up. You will never have to worry about replacing the batteries either.

Advantages of hardwire LED under cabinet lights

  • First, direct wire LED under cabinet lights have a safety advantage. The hard wiring is less likely to get stuck with when preparing meals, and, as a consequence, it becomes less likely that wires will be cut and cause a short. This, of course is especially important with high voltage LED lights, 110 V.

  • Second, hardwire under cabinet LEDs have all electronics built in, there are no transformers or splitters to deal with. Just plug in and enjoy. This is the best under cabinet lighting for people who would like to install the fixtures themselves.

  • Third, hard wired kitchen under cabinet LED lights give a more profesional, more aesthetic and orderly appearance. Having spent hundreds of dollars on new cabinets and new under cabinet lighting, it only makes sense to tidy up the wires as well. This is true for both high voltage and low voltage under cabinet lights.

  • Fourth, all standard advantages of any well manufactured LED lights apply here: the extreme energy efficiency, low heat output, high resistance to shock, contain no toxic elements and produce no ultraviolet light.

Types of hardwire LED under cabinet lighting options

Under cabinet LED fixtures; their advantage is simplicity. There are no transformers, no splitters to worry about, the entire fixture is self contained. Installing under cabinet lighting is a breeze:

Under cabinet LED strips; these are less expensive:

Striplyte 25 LED 120 Volt AC Warm White & White Light Strip Sample Kit, a great, multi colored choice.

Compared to more common Xenon under cabinet hardwire lights, or halogen undercabinet lighting, and even under cabinet fluorescent lighting, all of the above LED fixtures will pay for themselves over time. They will last longer, run cooler, and generate just as much light, cheaper.

For more information on different types of under cabinet LED lighting, see sections Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights, Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lights, and Under Cabinet Puck Lighting.

For information on how to install LED under cabinet lights see section How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting.

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