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Installing Under Cabinet Lighting - Installation Complexity By Type Of LED Lights

Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are wondering about how to install under cabinet lights, especially of the LED variety, you have come to the right place.

Indeed it is really important to figure out about the installation requirements and difficulty before purchasing LED under cabinet lights. What good are the savings on electricity when you spend a ton of money on the electrician's cost upfront?! Fortunately, in many instances, LED will be best under cabinet lighting when it comes to simplicity of installing under cabinet lights.

Hiring an electrician?

Hiring an electrician can in fact be a big component in the installation cost, much higher than the cost of under counter LED lights. Depending on the installation complexity, you could avoid that, and save a bundle. Or you could decide to hire an electrician, and work with them for best results in minimal time.

We will look into the installation complexity for the following under cabinet lights: battery cabinet lights, hardwire under cabinet LED lighting, dimmable LED under cabinet lights, and LED puck lights under cabinet.

Battery Cabinet Lights - No Need To Worry How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting Wires

Battery cabinet lights are also known as wireless under cabinet lights. These are for sure the easiest to install because no wiring is needed. Often, it is even not necessary to screw them into the cabinet and use the included tape instead. This is not a recommended option if you can help it because of two reasons:

  • First, tape may or may not hold for long, depending on the surface quality, and cleanliness.

  • Second, the batteries will be replaced quite frequently, at least every few months depending on usage, therefore the tape adhesive will be perturbed and will likely become too weak to hold the light fixture.

For more information and specifics on wireless under cabinet lights, see instructions that come with the wireless under cabinet LED lights.

Hardwire Under Cabinet LED Lighting - How To Hide Under Cabinet Light Cords

When lighting professionals and electricians use the term "hardwire" they mean wiring that comes to the undercounter LED light fixture, and is NOT hanging loosely, but is instead affixed on the walls, the ceilings and walls within the cabinets, before it reaches the power outlet. This is often the most difficult part of the undercounter LED lights installation.

High voltage fixtures vs low voltage LED under counter lights

If you are attempting the installation of high voltage LED under counter lights, 110V or more, you must especially pay attention that, regardless of how you hardwire under cabinet lighting, you must consider the possibility of any dishes, utensils or pots rubbing against the wire, thus increasing the short hazard, and the fire hazard.

It is less critical to be concerned about fire risks when using low voltage LED under counter lights, 12V or 24V.

How to hide under cabinet lighting cords

It is important to note that, having gone through all the trouble of remodeling the kitchen lights and installing wonderful, bright LED under cabinet lights, it would be a shame if your guests would be exposed to a sight of undercabinet light wires. Thus, it is most important to consider the common places from which people look at the kitchen lights.

Most commonly, guests will look at the undercabinet lights while standing at the kitchen work surfaces, and secondly, they look at undercabinet lights while seated in the dining room. This is a particularly critical position because, when seated, the guests will be looking directly toward the underside of the cabinets. The perfect installation of undercabinet lighting wires should hide the wires from this particular view.

For more information on hard wire or "direct wire" LED lights, see section Under Cabinet LED Lighting - Direct Wire.

How To Install Dimmable Under Cabinet LED Lighting, Esp. With Several Lights

First and foremost, make sure that the dimmers are right for the LED lights at hand. While the regular incandescent dimmers such as Xenon or Halogen light dimmers may or may not work well with LED lights, special LED/CFL light dimmers will work just fine and are not difficult to come by, see this link. Depending on the type of the dimmer, a low voltage or high voltage dimmer, it has to be wired appropriately, either before or after the transformer.

It is possible to dim each LED light separately and also all LED lights with one single dimmer. For additional information see dimmable lights choices.

Installation Of LED Puck Lights Under Cabinet

LED Puck lights can be wired or wireless. How to install wired puck lighting under cabinets? It is no different than installing other wired LED lights, as described above.

The best part about LED puck lights is that, due to immense unprecedented energy efficiency of LED lights, it now makes true sense for the first time to use battery powered under cabinet lights, in particular battery powered puck under cabinet lights.

By making sure to turn the lights off after we finish using the work surfaces, the lights can last a really long time on single battery charge. Typically you will see times of 60 "on" hours.

The motion detection technology as well as remote control device can help minimize wasted "on" time for under cabinet puck lights, thus increasing the battery life.

You can find puck undercabinet LED lights with motion detection and other LED puck lights in section Under Cabinet Puck Lighting.

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