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Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting - Debunking Myths About LED Lights

Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

As with many nascent technology, there are plenty of myths about LED lights too. For instance, internet is still brimming with videos and quotes that LED lights are less energy efficient than fluorescent lights. This kind of misinformation is possibly due to LED technology so rapidly becoming mainstream that just a few years old information is completely obsolete today.

Dimmable LED under cabinet lighting - is there such a thing?

Another myth is that LED lights can not be dimmed. This is false as well. The fact is that, indeed, LED lights are dimmable, just not with exactly the same dimming mechanism or dimmer that is used to dim regular incandescent lights. In more technical terms, dimming of LED lights is accomplished through dimmers that regulate current while keeping the voltage applied to the LED lights about the same.

So, the same dimmer as is used for regular incandescent lights such as Xenon or halogen lights may not work properly. However, when you buy dimmable LED under cabinet lighting, that dimming mechanism will work swimmingly. You will also find dimmers and dimmer switches that work both with LED and CFL, compact fluorescent, lights. In addition, as you will see below, some LED under cabinet fixtures and under cabinet task lighting will work with any incandescent dimmer too.

Selection of dimmable LED under cabinet kitchen lights

Dimmable under cabinet LED lights that include a special LED dimmer

  • Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit with Dimmer Switches Warm White, this is an all-in-one 10 panel under cabinet lighting kit with all necessary accessories such as dimmer switches, interconnect cables, remote switches, and hard mounting screws. Also available in a 3-panel kit warm white option and 3-panel cool white option. Be sure to check out the LED under cabinet lighting review of this model.

Dimmable under cabinet LED lights that will work with an existing incandescent (Xenon, Halogen) dimmer

Under cabinet dimmable LED under cabinet task lights that use low voltage electronic dimmer

Dimmable under cabinet LED puck lights

Selection of dimmer switches for LED lights

These are dimmer switches for LED lights. They often will work for CFL and incandescent lights as well and some of the switches include a slider to modify its characteristics appropriately to the lights being dimmed. Here is the selection of such dimmers:

These are the main types of dimmable LED under cabinet lights and dimmer switches. For questions like "How to install dimer switch wires" it is best to visit the individual links below, and read the individual product descriptions.

For more general information on installation of under cabinet lighting, see how to install under cabinet lighting, and for the overall best reviewed under cabinet LED lights, check out the section Best Under Cabinet Lighting and Under Cabinet LED Lighting Companies.

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