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Best Under Cabinet LED Lighting Reviews

Best Under Cabinet LED Lighting Reviews

LED lights are making a big entry into the home. In the kitchen, and in particular as under cabinet LED lighting, they play multiple roles:

  • Firstly, they allow task surfaces to be illuminated properly, making food preparation safer, easier and more enjoyable.

  • Secondly, they beautify the kitchen by projecting pleasant light (most people prefer warm white LED kitchen undercabinet lights)

  • Thirdly, they generate incredible savings every month on your utilities bill, as they use as much as 10x less electricity as the Xenon or Halogen incandescent lights, and half or less power than the fluorescent lights.

  • Fourthly, they provide additional safety in the kitchen, through lower voltage used, less power used, and less heat generated when on. Since kitchen is the place in the home where most accidents happen, this is significant.

We have here collected information on best LED lighting and present the best kitchen under cabinet lighting reviews in various categories: wireless under cabinet LED lights, direct wire undercabinet LED lighting, dimmable under cabinet lights, puck under cabinet LED lights.

Best Wireless Under Cabinet LED Lights

Wireless under cabinet lighting is battery operated. Wireless lights only make sense with LED lights; any other type of light would not give sufficient output or would run the batteries empty very quickly. Having said that, you can not expect high brightness from these lights. But you can expect ease of operation, several dozens hours of light, and being able to use them during power outage.

To find more types of wireless undercabinet lights go here: Wireless Under Cabinet LED Lights. Also, LED puck lights are very popular as wireless under cabinet kitchen LED lights, see below.

Best Hardwire Undercabinet Lights

Hardwire undercabinet lights come in low-voltage (typically 12V) and high-voltage varieties. Either way, with more power available, they will be the brightest LED lights available. Most people prefer warm white lights to match any incandescent lights they have in the house.

For more informtion on direct wire, or hardwire LED under cabinet lighting, go here: LED Undercabinet Lighting Direct Wire.

Best Dimmable Under Cabinet Lights

Best Puck Under Cabinet LED Lights

We have two winners here, one in the category of wireless puck under cabinet lights, and the other in the wired category:

  • Sylvania 72422 LED Undercabinet Light with Motion Sensor Function, 3 Pack, Black steals the wireless puck light "Best of" title for a single reason. It is the only motion detecting undercabinet LED light we could find. The advantage of motion sensor feature is tremendous: From experience, we feel that for most people, forgetting to turn the lights off is the biggest drain of the battery power. Therefore, having a motion sensor that turns the lights on automatically and off when noone is around, is a huge extender of battery life. Longer battery life means less hassle exchanging batteries.

  • AmerTac LSP30KBAMCC Surface Mount LED Ultra Thin Puck Under Cabinet Lighting. This shopper's favorite earns the title in the "wired undercabinet LED lights" category. It's sleek design of all elements, including the silver puck lights themselves, as well as the splitter, and the transformer, will save space and look good in most kitchens.

This concludes the list of best under cabinet LED lights review. You can also check for more information about the top kitchen LED lighting brands here: Utilitech LED Under Cabinet Lighting and other LED lighting companies.

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